Meta Quest 3 revealed in unboxing video

Meta Quest 3 revealed in unboxing video

A video of a Meta Quest 3 unboxing is circulating online. The VR headset is launching this fall.


The video has been shared on Reddit and Twitter, the source is unknown. But what can we learn from the video?

If this is indeed the official packaging, Meta Quest 3 will come in a small box, unlike most previous Meta headsets. Only the Oculus Go (2018) had a comparably small box. The exterior of the box is not visible in the video, just the box itself and the headset's labeling.

A small box highlights the slimmer form factor of the VR headset compared to the Quest 2. According to Meta, the profile of the headset has been reduced by 40 percent, which will have a positive impact on the comfort and overall look of the device. In the video, it is easy to see how much thinner the headset is in comparison.

Meta Quest 3 is coming soon

We can also see that the packaging does not include a charging dock. A charging dock has not been announced by Meta, but an FCC approval suggests that Quest 3 will launch with such an accessory. It will probably be sold separately, at a price we do not know yet.



Meta Quest 3 is expected to be officially unveiled on September 27 at Meta Connect 2023. The launch could happen at the same time or in the coming weeks.

The device will be available starting at $499. The older and cheaper Quest 2 ($299) will remain on sale after the launch of Quest 3.

The new headset brings a doubling of processing power, higher-resolution displays, color passthrough and advanced Mixed Reality, as well as ringless controllers with improved haptics. You can find all further information in our Quest 3 info article.

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