Squingle gets a trippy mixed reality and Quest 3 enhancements

Squingle gets a trippy mixed reality and Quest 3 enhancements

With Squingle's new mixed reality update, your room will react to in-game events. The feature is optimized for Meta Quest 3.

Squingle is a puzzle game in which you must use your hands to move a constellation of rotating orbs through increasingly complex elastic see-through mazes without breaking the boundaries.

This inherently simple gameplay mechanic is constantly varied and expanded throughout the 100 hand-crafted levels. The psychedelic graphics and driving ambient soundscape make Squingle a unique audiovisual experience.

In the fall of 2022, the game added passthrough support, and since this summer, you can guide the orbs through the maze with your bare hands thanks to hand tracking support.

With the mixed reality update that will be released free of charge on October 27th and that will bring optimizations for Meta Quest 3, Squingle will be the perfect game to demonstrate some of the magic features of the new device (mixed reality, hand tracking) to the uninitiated.

Multiplayer feature coming in 2024

The mixed reality update introduces trippy fractals that spread across the room and furniture during in-game events. This feature also exists in Meta Quest 2, but is optimized for Quest 3 and its color passthrough. Watch the video above or below to get an idea of what the mixed reality feature looks like.



For 2024, Solo developer Ben Outram is teasing another new feature: multiplayer support. "I’ve always wanted to create a social VR experience. VR can be a lonely place at times, but I love competitive games like Tetris99 and Wipeout, and adding a competitive aspect to Squingle will supercharge the experience. I hope it will also attract new audiences to the game," Outram says in a blog article.

Squingle is available via App Lab for all Quest headsets. It costs $10. The game is also available on other platforms, but without the mixed reality features available on Quest headsets.