Alleged Meta Quest 3 spec sheet mentions RAM & passthrough PPD

Alleged Meta Quest 3 spec sheet mentions RAM & passthrough PPD

Meta Quest 3 will be fully revealed in a few days. Meanwhile, a new leak is fueling rumors about the device's RAM capacity.

Reddit user JMS1717 has published what he claims to be an official spec sheet. The document seems to be aimed at informing and instructing retailers about the Quest 3.

Most of its information is known, except for the RAM and PPD specifications. According to the document, the new headset comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM. The Meta Quest 2 has 6 gigabytes of RAM, while the Meta Quest Pro has 12 gigabytes.

This information is contradicted by an online store listing from the retailer Bestware, which is currently making the rounds on Reddit as well. According to the listing, the Quest 3 is equipped with 12 gigabytes of RAM, which would make the device more future-proof.

The spec sheet mentions another previously unknown detail: a PPD of 18. PPD describes the pixel density in relation to the width of the field of view. The higher the number, the better.


Passthrough with high pixel density

The specified value most likely refers to the PPD of the passthrough, not the PPD of the display, especially since the specification is listed right next to the resolution of the passthrough cameras (4 MP).

A passthrough PPD of 18 would be pretty close to the Quest 3's display PPD. The Quest 2's display PPD is 20 according to official information, and the Quest Pro's display PPD is 22. The Meta Quest 3's display PPD will exceed both because the headset offers a higher resolution display while maintaining about the same field of view. A passthrough PPD of 18 indicates a relatively high passthrough quality, at least in terms of displayed pixel density.

Wednesday will bring certainty on both counts. Meta Connect 2023 will kick off that day, and we expect a full reveal of the Meta Quest 3.

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