Meta Quest 3: Nerve-wracking VR vampire hunt Silent Slayer has a release date

Meta Quest 3: Nerve-wracking VR vampire hunt Silent Slayer has a release date

The spooky VR thrill ride Silent Slayer will challenge you as a vampire hunter on Meta Quest in June.


Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, the new spooky VR game from Schell Games, will be released on June 6th for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. You can pre-order the game now for just under $20 in the Meta Horizon Store. Until June 6th you will receive a 10% discount.

In Silent Slayer, you take on the role of a tenacious vampire hunter with a single mission: to eliminate the evil that dwells within a great castle. As you navigate your way through dangerous traps and treacherous puzzles, you must carefully dismantle cunning defenses and strike with precision to defeat undead foes.

Key Features of Silent Slayer:

  • Vicious Vampires – Prepare to face enemies with distinct peculiarities and inclinations.
  • Tactical Tools – Killing vampires is arduous; players will require many unique items to eliminate the monstrosities.
  • Jumpscares Galore – Tension builds with every move. Only the bravest of souls will prevail.
  • Devilish Distractions – Only slayers who maintain unwavering focus and a steady hand will have the resilience to conquer these unsettling diversions.
  • A Twisting Tale – In the end, slayers must come to terms with their fate, souls be damned.

Schell Games focuses on tactile interaction

Developer Schell Games has already proven its knack for sophisticated game mechanics in virtual reality with successful titles such as Until You Fall and I Expect You To Die 3. Tomislav has already played Silent Slayer on the Quest 3 and tells you his opinion in the linked article.

The game relies on careful and tactile interaction with virtual objects, such as silently removing obstacles from vampire coffins. Moving too quickly or carelessly will awaken the vampires, creating breathless suspense. Silent Slayer also features a mixed reality mode that brings dark real-world environments into the game.


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