Quest 3 has microphone issues and Meta promises an update

Quest 3 has microphone issues and Meta promises an update

There are many complaints about the microphone of the Quest 3. Meta is investigating the incidents and promises an update.

Meta Quest 3 is currently the best standalone VR headset you can buy, but it's far from perfect.

Since launch, VR enthusiasts on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit have complained that the built-in microphone is much worse than Quest 2's, and of lousy quality in general.

Especially annoying are the popping noises that occur when speaking. This is a problem that already plagued the twice as expensive Meta Quest Pro. Check out the following microphone quality comparison between different headsets by VR Youtuber Mike Cussell.

Did Meta cut corners here? Such a decision would be surprising for a company that has made social VR its mission.

Meta is looking into the microphone issues

The poor sound quality and popping noises are not the only issues that consumers report.


One Reddit user claims that there's no software filtering at all, so you can hear all the background noise, and some developers complain that the microphone is getting muted in multiplayer games, preventing proper communication.

Meanwhile, Meta's VR lead has taken to Twitter for a statement, without addressing the cause of the problems, but promising a software update.

It will be interesting to see how Meta solves the popping issue on the software side. Perhaps through AI filtering similar to the one used by Discord and other communication platforms?