Meta Quest 3: Drum your own songs in Taiko Frenzy

Meta Quest 3: Drum your own songs in Taiko Frenzy

The VR rhythm game Taiko Frenzy brings the game principle of Taiko-no-Tatsujin to Meta Quest and SteamVR and lets you beat the Taiko drums.


VR developer Glitchr Studio today released the rhythm game Taiko Frenzy for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro as well as on Steam. The price is just under $13. It was previously available on App Lab.

The VR game features similar gameplay to the Taiko-no-Tatsujin game series, where players must beat Taiko drums to the rhythm of the music. Taiko Frenzy includes 20 songs composed specifically for the game, which can be played at different difficulty levels.

You can also use a song editing tool to import your favorite songs and create your own tracks. A mixed reality mode allows the virtual drum to appear in the physical environment, blending the real and virtual worlds for an enhanced gaming experience.

Taiko Frenzy recently received a major update that gave the game a graphical overhaul. This includes a new drum design and new environments. A free play mode was also introduced with the update. Seven of the 20 songs are available for free in the base game. The Founder Pack gives players access to all current and future content.


Enter the world of rock music with Smash Drums

A similar VR rhythm game is Smash Drums by PotamWorks, which has been available for Meta Quest since 2021. Unlike Taiko Frenzy, however, Smash Drums focuses on rock music and is more reminiscent of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Since its release, Smash Drums has been continually expanded and refined. An update in 2022 introduced a music track, and a mixed reality mode followed in September 2023. The game also received a much higher render resolution for Meta Quest 3.


Smash Drums is a bit pricier than Taiko Frenzy and usually costs $19.99. However, it contains significantly more songs. Currently, 58 rock songs are included for free, with additional songs available as paid DLC.

What both games have in common is that they were developed by small indie studios and offer a high level of accessibility. They allow players to quickly feel like a professional drummer, even without any previous musical knowledge.

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