Meta Quest 3: Developer shows how he turned his balcony into a Mixed Reality paradise

Meta Quest 3: Developer shows how he turned his balcony into a Mixed Reality paradise

A developer shows how he added a virtual forest to his real balcony using Unity and Meta Quest 3.


VR blogger Tony Vitillo, also known as "ScarredGhost," has shared a mixed reality experiment on YouTube in which he transforms the view from his balcony from a real concrete desert to a blooming virtual landscape. Instead of the usual streets in front of his house, he now sees a sunny forest when he opens the balcony door.

Vitillo used the Unity game engine and the Meta SDK to create the prototype. He ran the experiment on a Meta Quest 3. To make the illusion as realistic as possible, he adjusted the proportions and position of the virtual world to match the real view from his balcony.

In the video, Vitillo walks around the balcony and looks around the virtual world while everything moves coherently, reinforcing the impression that he is actually in the new environment. Even when he stretches his head over the railing, the virtual world adapts accordingly.


However, the developer also admits that his brain would recognize that the fusion of the real and virtual worlds is not perfect. In this early demo, there are still some gaps through which he can see the real world. Nevertheless, he finds the result impressive and the illusion convincing.


VR developer with own event platform

Best known for his VR blog SkarredGhost, Tony Vitillo regularly shares his XR experiments on social media. He also founded VRROOM, a social XR event platform that regularly hosts prominent artists. VRROOM recently collaborated with legendary French electro DJ Jean-Michel Jarre for a VR concert live from the Château de Versailles.

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