Augments may be coming to Quest 3 sooner than expected

Augments may be coming to Quest 3 sooner than expected

Augments are a new mixed reality feature for Quest 3 that may be coming in the next update, according to new findings.


Twitter user Luna writes that Augments will likely go live with the upcoming v62 system update. Luna found an image with the following text in the beta version of the upcoming system update.

System updates are typically released on a monthly basis, and the last one was rolled out in early December. Meta announced Augments at Meta Connect 2023, saying only that they would be released sometime next year.


Please note that such findings do not necessarily indicate if and when a feature will actually be released.


What are Augments?

Augments are mixed reality mini-apps that can be permanently anchored in your room as a digital object and can be interacted with without having to open a dedicated app. Meta describes Augments as follows:

"Imagine hanging your favorite piece of art on an accent wall or a weather augment on your desk that alerts you before rain starts—and every time you put on your headset, these digital objects appear in the same places. You’ll be able to customize your space with augments like Instagram Reels, frames on your wall that show photos or videos from Facebook or Instagram, and portals that let you quickly jump back into your favorite immersive VR games."

Videos showing new Augments in action leaked in early January. They are being developed using Meta's Spark Studio AR program. The use of Spark Studio may indicate that the Augments will be compatible with Meta's upcoming AR glasses.