Meta Quest 2 now has two virtual apartments, but why?

Meta Quest 2 now has two virtual apartments, but why?

Meta Quest 2 now has two virtual apartments where you can invite friends. This will cause confusion.

This summer, Meta introduced Horizon Home. With this new feature, Quest users can invite friends to their home environment and watch movies together. By home environment, I mean the virtual space you are teleported to after starting Meta Quest 2.

Around the same time, Meta rolled out a feature called Personal Space to select users. This is a virtual apartment within Meta's proto-Metaverse Horizon Worlds where you can invite friends, play mini-games together, and set off to other Horizon worlds.

Personal Space rolls out to more users

In the coming weeks, the Horizon Worlds apartment will be unlocked to more users along with new ways to customize the social experience, Meta writes on the Oculus Blog.

Users will be able to set "house rules," selectively invite friends, mute guests or kick them out of the virtual apartment. Personal Space is Horizon Worlds' first private space and can accommodate up to seven guests. The other worlds are open to all users.

Horizon Worlds is currently only accessible from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland, France, and Spain. It is unclear if and when German users will be able to try out Meta's large Metaverse project. Meta Quest 2 is not advertised or sold by Meta in Germany due to legal disputes. As long as that doesn't change, Horizon Worlds is likely to remain off-limits to local users.


Meta's Metaverse: Divided in itself

We can only hope that Meta will find a more elegant solution for the virtual home in the future.

Horizon Home, which is not part of Horizon Worlds, is used to launch VR apps together, while Personal Space is used to launch other rooms in the Horizon Worlds virtual reality app.

It would be more plausible if there was only one virtual home from which to do both. For this to happen, Horizon Home would have to become the starting point of Horizon Worlds, and the latter would have to become an integral part of the operating system and not just one VR app among others.

You can see: Meta's Metaverse is once again fragmented, and it will probably take a long time before the different offers merge.

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