Meta Quest 2: New v54 update adds custom skyboxes & more

Meta Quest 2: New v54 update adds custom skyboxes & more

The Meta Quest v54 update is on its way to you: It brings custom skyboxes and a slightly improved Guardian, among other things.

The update is rolling out to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro owners since May 18, 2023. As usual, it may take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users.

To check your current firmware update, go to Settings > System > Software Update.

Let's see what the new update has in store.

Custom Skyboxes

Horizon Home, your own virtual home, gets its first customization option. Users can change the skyboxes of certain Home environments: either with pre-installed backgrounds provided by Meta, or with their own that they upload.

First, enable the feature in Settings > Experimental Features. Then go to Settings > Personalization > Virtual Environment. Scroll down and you'll find the option.

If you want to upload your own skybox, Meta recommends a 360-degree image in JPG or PNG format with a resolution of 6,144 by 3,160 pixels.

A downside of the new feature is that only you can see the skyboxes, not visitors. So don't be surprised. Also, not every home environment features custom skyboxes.


Meta writes in the Quest blog that more customization options for Horizon Home are in development.

Guardian gets an improved memory

The Guardian system can now remember more boundaries. As a result, you should have to redraw game areas less frequently.

Revamped App Library

The app library has been given a new look and the filter and sort function has been integrated into the search.

Better tracking with Quest Touch Pro controllers

With Update 50, Meta improved the speed at which self-tracking controllers activate and connect to the headset.

Update 54 brings further improvements that affect tracking accuracy. "Specifically, we’re reducing and resolving occasional instances where the controller’s position in the physical world doesn’t quite match where it shows up in VR," Meta writes.

Full release notes

More remote improvements include:

  • The avatar mirror for customizing your own avatar is now available in more home environments.
  • Those using 2D apps like Messenger will now see in-headset push notifications.
  • The Light Theme, a brighter version of the system UI, has left the experimental phase. You can find and activate it under Settings > Personalization > Display Theme.

You can read the full notes of Update 54 in the Meta Quest Release Notes.

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Sources: Meta Quest Blog