Meta Quest 2: Meta account is imminent - report

Meta Quest 2: Meta account is imminent - report

Will the Meta Quest 2 VR headset soon be usable without a Facebook account? An official announcement of the new Meta account is probably imminent.

Mark Zuckerberg announced it at Connect 2021. Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth confirmed the plans in mid-May. Now, it seems to actually be happening. The end of the Facebook account requirement for users of Meta's VR headsets seems imminent.

Youtuber leaks end of Facebook account requirement

Youtuber Brad Lynch writes in a report that Meta wants to announce the end of the Facebook account requirement within the next few days. Currently, users of Meta's autonomous VR headset Meta Quest 2 (review) can only log in to the Oculus platform via an existing Facebook account.

However, it could still be a few weeks between announcement and implementation. According to Lynch, the new Meta account will launch in August. One of the next major updates for Meta Quest 2, likely update number 43, is expected to implement the planned change. To convert existing accounts, he said, it will be necessary to agree to new terms of service. However, Lynch does not comment on the specific content.

Lynch has leaked several details about Meta's next VR headset, Project Cambria, in the recent past. In his latest report, he claims that Cambria will launch without a controller. He also sets Meta Quest 3's release at the end of 2023. Lynch always refers to sources close to the company.


Meta Quest 2: Facebook constraint initiated sales stop in Germany

With the launch of Meta Quest 2, Meta introduced a Facebook account requirement for the Quest platform. This account linkage is a sore spot with users worldwide but is also likely one of the reasons for the still ongoing sales stop of Meta's VR headsets in Germany. German authorities see the tying of user accounts as a violation of applicable law.

The Federal Cartel Office prohibited the then Facebook group from merging user data from different sources back in 2019. Probably to avoid further legal problems, Meta stopped the sale of its devices in Germany on its own initiative. It is possible that the removal of the Facebook account requirement is a first step to enabling sales in Germany again. Currently, potential buyers in Germany have to go through Amazon France or other European countries.

The entire course of the still ongoing legal dispute between Meta and the Federal Cartel Office can be read in our chronicle Meta vs. Germany.