Meta Quest (2): Great 3D mixed reality world exploration coming soon

Meta Quest (2): Great 3D mixed reality world exploration coming soon

Wooorld lets you explore the world with friends. The VR app is coming soon for Meta Quest 1 and 2.

Google Earth VR is one of the most immersive VR apps around, and Wooorld will soon finally bring that experience to the Quest mobile platform.

A year ago, there was a first teaser (see Youtube video below). At the time, the VR app was still called Realworld. The video showed VR users exploring a 3D model of the world together. The data is based on Microsoft's Bing Maps service, which is also the basis for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The 3D map section appears either within a fixed tabletop area or as a room-scale map that can be enlarged as desired. Since VR users can also shrink themselves, the virtual landscapes and buildings should have a great effect like in Google Earth VR.

Here, as there, the world can be viewed from any distance, and the level of detail of the 3D map is automatically adjusted.

Wooorld: Now also with mixed reality mode

Users can also drop pins into the 3D map and switch to a Streetview-like 360 real-world perspective. Users can save their favorite locations and revisit them at a later time. The search function allows users to find any place in the world in a matter of seconds.

Wooorld also offers support for optical hand tracking, so you can confidently put the touch controllers aside. A mixed-reality mode has been added, which allows you to keep an eye on the physical environment while exploring the world. We also hope that the studio implements the new meta avatars.

A video published on YouTube and Twitter shows the current state of the VR app and promises a release soon.

An exquisite learning and design tool?

Wooorld is not just for entertainment. It would certainly be useful as an educational and learning tool as well, such as for geography and history classes.


The VR app also offers productivity features for 3D designers and urban planners. They can import 3D models from the cloud into the app and view them in virtual reality, sketch into the virtual space and stream the whole thing to screen users via the Internet.

Wooorld is currently in a closed beta phase. You can register your interest in the beta test and subscribe to a newsletter on the official website. As soon as the VR app is released, we will test it on MIXED.

Wooorld's target platform is Meta Quest (2), a version for PC VR glasses, smartphone AR and Hololens 2 is also in the works.