Get 11 Quest 2 headsets for the price of an Apple Vision Pro

Get 11 Quest 2 headsets for the price of an Apple Vision Pro

The Quest 2 price reduction is now active. From now on, you can get eleven Quest 2 headsets for the price of one Apple Vision Pro. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to seven Quest 3s in Fall 2023 - enough for the whole family.

Meta announces a performance upgrade for Meta Quest 2 and lowers the price of the mobile VR headset. Quest Pro will also be optimized.

June 1, 2023 was supposed to be all about new VR games with Meta's Gaming Showcase. But then came Mark Zuckerberg's mysterious Instagram teaser with a countdown. Hours before the start of the showcase, the official unveiling of Meta Quest 3 came as a surprise. At the same time, Meta clarified that the now three-year-old Quest 2 will live on – at a lower price and with better performance.

Meta Quest 2 to be cheaper soon

In the future, the Meta Quest 2 will serve as an inexpensive entry model into virtual reality. Meta will reduce the price of all models starting June 4, 2023. The price scale will look like this:

  • $299.99 for the 128 GB model
  • $349.99 for the 256 GB model

In addition, the Quest 2's CPU and GPU will once again be optimized via a software update. The Quest 2 last received a performance boost at the end of last year, which teased seven percent more performance out of the mobile VR headset.

Quest 2 and Quest Pro get major performance boost

The newly announced update is said to improve the Quest 2's CPU performance by up to 26 percent and GPU speed by up to 19 percent. The Quest Pro is also expected to benefit from this update. While the CPU performance will increase by the same amount, the Quest Pro's GPU will “only” be eleven percent faster.


Provided developers take advantage of these changes for their apps, gamers can expect smoother gameplay, a more responsive user interface, and better graphics on both headsets, according to the Meta Quest Blog.

Meta also plans to enable Dynamic Resolution Scaling on both VR headsets. This should allow games and applications to benefit from a higher pixel density without losing frames.

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Sources: Meta Quest Blog