Meta opens Metaverse Academy in France

Meta opens Metaverse Academy in France

Meta opens its own talent factory in Europe. In France, you can soon learn how to build the Metaverse.

Meta will open a "Metaverse Academy" in France for the coming academic year. Students there will prepare for the technological demands that the Metaverse places on developers in the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality in the coming years.

Free year for Metaverse students

Meta plans to teach students for free during their first year. 100 students will be able to enroll in the subjects "Immersive Technology Developers and Support" and "Assistance Technicians." Classes will be held on-site in several French cities, including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Nice. Each of these locations will be able to accommodate twenty students per year.

Meta aims to keep the enrollment as diverse as possible, stating a goal of at least 30 percent female students in the first year of study. At the same time, any form of positive discrimination is to be avoided.

Metaverse University: Cooperation with solidarity-based digital company

In addition to Meta, the French company Simplon is also involved in the Metaverse Academy. Since 2013, Simplon has been training people with few or no qualifications, among other things, to enable them to enter technical and digital professions. In addition to digital basics, Simplon also offers courses in cybersecurity or artificial intelligence development.

According to Simplon CEO Frederic Bardeau, the concrete use of the Metaverse does not play a role for the time being, as it is unclear so far what these worlds will look like one day. The future developers and support engineers for Meta's immersive technologies will instead be trained in projects focusing on the creation of 3D worlds and interactions in virtual universes.


Meta wants to establish itself in Europe

The launch of its own training facility fits into Meta's investment plans for the EU region. Facebook's parent company plans to create 10,000 new jobs in Europe to help build the Metaverse.

According to Meta's global PR chief Nick Clegg, finding highly specialized engineering talent is one of Meta's most pressing priorities. Europe is of enormous importance to Meta: "This investment is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent," Clegg writes on Meta's company blog.

At the same time, Meta is likely pursuing political plans with its European expansion. Read more about why Meta is creating 10,000 jobs in Europe in the linked article.

Sources: HT Tech