Meta and LG forge partnership to build a next-gen XR headset

Meta and LG forge partnership to build a next-gen XR headset

Meta and LG announced a partnership that includes the development of a next-generation XR device, which is most likely a successor to the Meta Quest Pro.


After recent rumors of a cooperation between the companies, Meta and LG Electronics now have officially announced their XR partnership.

"LG Electronics is ramping up its strategic collaboration with the global tech powerhouse, Meta Platforms, aiming to expedite its extended reality (XR) ventures. The aim is to combine the strengths of both companies across products, content, services and platforms to drive innovation in customer experiences within the burgeoning virtual space," the press release states.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently on a tour of Asia and met with LG CEO William Cho and the President of Home Entertainment Company Park Hyoung-sei in Seoul. Over the course of two hours, they discussed "business strategies and considerations for next-gen XR device development".

LG plans to bring together Meta's platform with its own content and services from its TV business to create "a distinctive ecosystem (...) in the XR domain", promising "significant synergies in next-gen XR device development".


The press release also states that LG established a dedicated XR business unit within the Home Entertainment Company at the end of last year.


Meta and LG are likely working on Meta Quest Pro 2

The meeting was preceded by various reports that Meta and LG are planning to develop a Meta Quest Pro 2, which is planned to released in the first half of 2025 and cost around 2,000 US dollars.

A trifecta of factions is currently emerging that will fight for supremacy in the XR market over the coming years: Apple, Meta and LG, and Samsung and Google with their own mixed reality headset, which according to a report is due to be released towards the end of 2024.

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