Meta kills three more VR games and doesn't even say why

Meta kills three more VR games and doesn't even say why

After Echo VR, Meta will soon discontinue three other VR games developed by its studios. Meta did not give a reason for the shutdown.

The affected VR games are the multiplayer shooter Dead and Buried (Oculus Rift, 2016), Dead and Buried II (Oculus Quest and Rift, 2019), and the pet simulation Bogo (Oculus Quest, 2019).

Those who own or have downloaded the VR games have received an email from Meta stating that they will no longer be supported as of March 15, 2024.

Meta did not give any reasons for the shutdown. At the beginning of August, the servers of the multiplayer title Echo VR were shut down for good, a decision that drew a lot of criticism. Echo VR was considered one of the best competitive team games for Meta Quest.

Games with a history are disappearing

Dead and Buried was released in 2016 for the Oculus Rift PC VR headset, and was a free launch title for the Touch controllers. The sequel, Dead and Buried II, was released for Oculus Quest, but was also available for Rift. It cost $20.


Like Echo VR, the Dead and Buried games may have fallen victim to cost-cutting measures. It is possible that Meta does not want to pay anymore for server maintenance. That wouldn't explain why it's shutting down Bogo, which is a single-player experience only. Meta's decision is unfortunate because VR games are cultural assets and should be preserved.

Bogo, like Dead and Buried II, was a launch title for Oculus Quest, designed to showcase the power of the system. In this short VR experience, you could play with, feed, and pet the virtual pet of the same name.

The team that created Bogo and other well-known tech demos for Meta has been largely laid off. Some of that talent has come together under the name Windup Minds and is now working on mixed reality pets.

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