Meta brings UFC Fight Pass to virtual reality

Meta brings UFC Fight Pass to virtual reality

Meta and the UFC are entering into a cooperation that will allow mixed martial arts to be experienced in virtual reality in the future via "Fight Pass".

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world's largest organizer of mixed martial arts. MMA mixes various techniques from different combat sports - such as boxing, judo, taekwondo, muay thai, or karate - and is extremely popular.

The UFC's main events broadcast as pay-per-view events and regularly book sales in the millions. Soon, martial arts fans will be able to experience the spectacle in virtual reality.

UFC Fight Pass comes to Horizon Worlds

Recently, UFC and Meta announced a partnership to bring the organization's events to virtual reality. As a result, the subscription service UFC Fight Pass - through which fans access live MMA shows - will be available in Meta's proto-metaverse Horizon Worlds.

The fights will be broadcast live there as 180-degree videos and then available as on-demand replays for a set period of time. With "LFA 144," the first live broadcast took place on Oct. 14 and can be replayed from Oct. 23-27. The production company YBVR prepares the shows for VR broadcast.


UFC boss considered a VR fan

UFC President Dana White, who himself comes from a boxing background, has been involved with virtual reality for some time. On his Instagram channel, the UFC boss recommends a VR game for boxing training. For retired boxers like him, he says, Thrill of the Fight is a real workout. Misha Cirkunov also uses VR boxing.

The active MMA fighter prepares for fights in virtual reality using Creed: Rise to Glory. However, Cirkunov has a different focus:

"In training, you can beat anyone, but how to perform under all those lights and in front of all those people ... that's what I've been working on. I simulated it with a trick at home," Cirkunov explains. To get a handle on his stage fright, he said, he trained in VR headset. "I put on this helmet and then I got into a championship boxing ring, and now none of that itches me anymore."

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