Maskmaker: VR puzzle hit also looks great on Quest 2

Maskmaker: VR puzzle hit also looks great on Quest 2

Maskmaker was one of the best PC VR games last year. Soon the mobile version for Quest 2 will be released. Will it be a hit on mobile as well?

Back in 2021, I collected blueprints for mystical magic masks in the mask workshop of Prospero, the ruler of the world, and recreated them from thick blocks of wood with a hammer and chisel. When I put the masks on, they take me to new areas of the game where I can find ingredients and fragments for more masks.

My Colleague Tomislav was also very taken with Maskmaker in his review and spoke of pure VR magic. At Gamescom 2022, publisher Vertigo Games (After the Fall) showed me the native Quest 2 version.

Freer gameplay with matching graphics

The gameplay hasn't changed: I collect ingredients, mix colors, work on wooden blocks and carve masks, each of which takes me to new levels, which I mine for new templates for more masks. So simple, so good.

The PC VR version, which was already playable with Quest 2 and Quest Link at the time, naturally has more graphics power than the native version. However, the impression is still excellent because the developers did the porting with a lot of sensitivity.


The workshop and the individual worlds still exude the same fairy-tale quality as the PC VR variants. The comic style of the VR game lends itself well to the port, since the game inherently relies on a reduced comic look.

The lack of cables is a noticeable advantage. I find the immersion just increases significantly when you're not constantly reminded that you're connected to a computer. However, those who can play the PC VR version via Air Link because there is a powerful PC in the room anyway will prefer this option.

Maskmaker for Quest 2 will be released soon

Maskmaker for Meta Quest 2 from French developer studio InnerspaceVR is scheduled for release in 2022. The price is not yet known. If you like puzzle games with a somewhat mystical plot and calm, fairy-tale VR worlds with a relaxation factor, Maskmaker is a must-buy.