Looking Glass Go is a holographic display for your pocket

Looking Glass Go is a holographic display for your pocket

Looking Glass Go is a holographic display compact enough to fit in your pocket. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

After the larger models and the smaller Looking Glass Portrait, the New York startup is preparing an even smaller foldable model with a 6-inch display: Looking Glass Go.

The device is shaped like a smartphone and folds flat to fit in most pockets, but has no built-in battery. It can be used on the go with an optional battery pack that lasts up to two hours. Alternatively, you can use power the device on the go by connecting it to a laptop via USB-C.

What is the device good for? Users can turn traditional 2D photos or videos into depth images using the included Liteforms app. No special headsets or glasses are required for viewing. 3D models, holographic art, and spatial images scanned with the Luma AI smartphone app can also be viewed. You can organize your holographic content using playlists.

Holographic AI companions powered by ChatGPT

For fans of ChatGPT, there is also the option to create a personal AI companion with whom you can communicate via the display. Only English and Japanese will be supported at launch, with more languages to be added later. Please note that the device has a 3.5 mm audio jack, but no speaker.


Professionals can use Looking Glass Go to inspect 3D models or create holographic applications (though the larger Looking Glass models are better suited for such applications). The device comes with plug-ins and libraries for Unity, Unreal, Blender and WebXR.

Looking Glass Go is currently available on Kickstarter. The device costs $199, not including optional accessories, shipping, and tax. The expected delivery date is summer 2024, but please note that there may be significant delays.