Limited Meta Quest 2 bundle includes two top games

Limited Meta Quest 2 bundle includes two top games

For a limited time, buyers of the Quest 2 will also receive the games Golf+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX for free.

Bargain hunters interested in a Meta Quest 2 (review) could soon sweeten their purchase. From Sunday, February 5, 2023 until Saturday, June 3, 2023, the VR headset will be available in a bundle with two free games. These are the successful golf simulator Golf +, which usually costs $29.99, and the arcade shooter Space Pirate Trainer DX, which usually costs $19.99.

Since a price increase in August 2022, the Quest costs $100 more. The variant with 128 gigabytes of storage comes in at $399.99, or $499.99 for 256 gigabytes.

VR game of the PGA as a free addition

GOLF+ first announced a notable partnership in November 2022. As of February 2023, the title is the exclusive VR golf game of the PGA Tour.

The Florida-based organization outlined a long-term collaboration that will bring real-world tournament courses to VR. The Tournament Players Club (TPC) of Scottsdale as well as the TPC Sawgrass will be the first. The VR game even supports various golf club attachments for VR controllers.

VR matches like laser tag

Space Pirate Trainer from I-Illusions became a proven hit on PC VR headsets in 2016. The simple wave shooter makes players sweat with unfamiliar physical evasive maneuvers from flying drones.


The Quest 2 version once again brought innovation. A major update in 2021 enabled large-scale multiplayer matches - almost like laser tag. As part of the update, the VR game was renamed Space Pirate Trainer DX.

The patch brought a new type of tracking, where two Quest headsets track each other in space. The technology made novel local multiplayer experiences possible on playing fields of at least thirty square feet.

When two participants meet on a soccer field, for example, they put on their VR headsets and then run across the real field. In the headset, they see a level of computer graphics instead of the real world. The opponent appears as a character in a space pirate suit.

After activating Quest 2, users have 14 days to redeem the offer. More detailed requirements and deadlines for the bundle are explained by Meta's official blog. It is not yet clear whether the bundle will only be offered in the official store or also in online stores.

Sources: Meta