Light Gun Action for Quest 3: Under Cover brings the 90s back to life

Light Gun Action for Quest 3: Under Cover brings the 90s back to life

Arcade feeling for your living room: VR shooter Under Cover follows in the footsteps of light gun shooters like Time Crisis and Virtua Cop.


Indie studio Coatsink is releasing the VR light gun and cover shooter Under Cover for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro on February 15, 2024. Under Cover attempts to bring the classic light gun action of arcades to Virtual Reality. The developers were inspired by classic arcade shooters like Namco's Time Crisis or Sega's Virtua Cop.

Under Cover features an active cover system. So if you physically crouch down, you are protected in VR and can reload. According to the developers, even a slight crouch should be enough for the game to detect the movement.

You play as the undercover agents Red-Eye or Magnum in solo or co-op mode and have to get the highest score by shooting as many targets as possible. The scoring system is also based on classic light gun shooters and rewards accuracy, speed, and combo kills. A wide variety of special weapons allow you to shoot your way through simple brawlers, advanced snipers and challenging bosses.

But don't expect too much in the way of story. Your mission is to infiltrate the evil megacorporation Infinidyne, take out CEO Pax Harrison and disable his mind control technology before he turns billions of people into cybernetic meat puppets.



Coatsink: From a cozy island to a shooting gallery

Coatsink was most recently responsible for the VR construction game Islanders: VR Edition. In contrast to the hectic shooting gallery that awaits you in Under Cover, Islanders offers a relaxing and stress-free city-building experience on idyllic, exotic islands. This VR homage to Anno and Settlers can even be played via hand tracking on Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.


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