LG plans to launch an XR device in 2025 according to CEO

LG plans to launch an XR device in 2025 according to CEO

LG confirms the development of an XR device to be released next year at the latest.


LG CEO Cho Joo-wa confirmed to a South Korean website that the company will launch an XR device by 2025 at the latest.

The division in charge of the project has been moved to the department that makes TVs "to speed up development."


Rumor: The LG headset could be Quest Pro 2

LG has little experience in VR. In 2017, the company showed off a promising SteamVR headset that didn't make it past prototype status and never made it to market.

LG's headset could rely on the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen2, the same chipset that will power upcoming headsets from Samsung, Sony and HTC and is being positioned by Qualcomm as a counterpart to the Apple Vision Pro's M2.


Last fall, another South Korean website reported that LG and Meta were working on a successor to the Quest Pro, which would be released in 2025 and cost around $2,000.

No Quest Pro 2 has been announced yet, but a launch within this or next year is likely if Meta wants to compete with Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers in the high-end segment of the market.

Sources: The Guru