Lenovo's Steam Deck competitor could be released with AR headset

Lenovo's Steam Deck competitor could be released with AR headset

Lenovo wants to conquer the handheld market and could compete with Steam Deck with a combination of console and AR headset.

Lenovo is entering the highly competitive gaming handheld segment with Legion Go. The tech company will have to face established competitors like Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, as well as new upstarts like Asus' Rog Ally. According to media reports, Lenovo wants to stand out with a unique selling point: an AR headset designed specifically for handheld gaming for virtual display augmentation.

Legion Go: Handheld gaming with AR headset

According to an exclusive report from Windows Report, Lenovo is planning to unveil the Legion Go handheld at IFA 2023. Interestingly, the device could come in a package with an AR headset that projects the handheld's content onto a virtual screen in the gamer's field of view.

The concept is not new. Earlier this year, Nreal-Air enjoyed success as an accessory for Steam Deck. The display glasses from Xreal, formerly Nreal, extends the 7-inch screen of the Steam Deck into a 130-inch virtual canvas.

So far, there is no official information from Lenovo about price, release date or specifications. However, according to Windows Report, the display headset is said to be designed specifically for gaming and could therefore have a high refresh rate and other gaming-specific features.


Improved gaming version of the T1 Glasses?

According to the available images, the compact AR headset will be connected to the Legion Go via a USB cable and will have its own Legion branding. However, the design is very reminiscent of a previously unveiled Lenovo headset. Last fall, Lenovo introduced Glasses T1, a virtual monitor for mobile devices.

The display headset meets many of the requirements for handheld gaming. The micro-OLED displays have a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels per eye. However, the refresh rate is “only” 60 Hz, which might be too low for some gamers.

It is possible that Lenovo will adjust the T1 glasses for this reason. The display headset has not yet been released outside of China. A release together with the handheld would be possible.

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