Check out Lego sets in VR

Check out Lego sets in VR

VRBricks is a Youtube channel that lets you see entire Lego sets in virtual reality. Meta Quest TV and DeoVR even offer up to 8K resolution.

The german Youtube channel Klemmbausteinlyrik has been producing reviews, news, and interviews about Lego for over 12 years. I took a look at the subchannel, VRBricks, which shows the Lego sets in virtual reality.

Lego in virtual reality — up close

You can only see Lego buildings this close in reality. In the videos, the latest sets such as the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser, the Concorde, or the Natural History Museum are shown in virtual reality, which, for me, adds a lot of value.

With a virtual reality headset like the Quest 3, I get a detailed view of the Lego sets. The videos are filmed very close up, so the sets appear even larger than the real kits. This allows me to see even the tiniest parts in detail.

The channel shows the potential of this medium for content creators with reviews and background information in VR. I recommend a closer look to anyone who wants to get an accurate overview before buying a particular Lego set, or who simply wants to take a look at new kits.


View Lego sets via YouTube, Meta Quest TV and DeoVR

With the Youtube VR App you can watch all videos published by VRBricks in up to 4K. The videos were even filmed in 8K with a Canon R5 camera with dual fish eye lens.

You can watch the videos in 8K resolution with Meta Quest TV or DeoVR. Both apps can be downloaded for free. On DeoVR the channel is called Caulius VR and in Meta Quest TV you will find VRBricks as Caulius.

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