Latest Meta Quest 2 update brings undisturbed VR joy

Latest Meta Quest 2 update brings undisturbed VR joy

The latest update for Meta Quest 2 brings a new home environment, a "do not disturb" mode and a web hub for parental monitoring.

Meta writes on the Oculus Blog that the update will be released shortly. The update has not yet shown up in the Meta Quest Release Notes, the website that lists the full release notes.

The update is version number 49, with Meta skipping update 48. The last update is just under two months old and was rolled out at the end of November.

If you now think that the first update of the year will bring great new functions (couch mode) or improvements (performance increase), you are mistaken. Meta has apparently saved these for later. But what exactly does update 49 bring?

New and improved home environments

In December, the wintry home environment Polar Village with snow-covered houses and impressive polar lights was released just in time for the Christmas season. With Update 49, Meta introduces the home environment Abstraction: a colorful and abstract landscape without real objects, which is supposed to promote concentration.

Meta also adds several hotspots to the Desert Terrace, Space Station and Winter Lodge home environments, allowing you to explore new areas. Also new are virtual chairs and sofas to sit on with your guests.

"Do Not Disturb" Mode

Virtual reality is supposed to be immersive, so constantly popping up messages like "Player X has started game Y" detracts from the VR experience rather than enhances it.


A new "Do Not Disturb" mode remedies this and prevents unimportant messages from being displayed in games and apps. The new mode complements the older "Do Not Disturb" mode, which works system-wide, i.e. regardless of whether you are in the menus or in games and apps.

Web hub for parental supervision

Meta introduced parental supervision tools for the first time with Update 41, which was rolled out last summer.

While these settings were previously only available in the Meta Quest app, they are now available on the web with Update 49.

In the so-called Family Center, parents and guardians can find answers to common questions, see which tools are available, and make settings: to restrict which apps the children have access to or to check which games they have purchased and how much time they spend in VR.

Sources: Oculus Blog