This Meta Quest game turns your room into a PVP laser tag arena

This Meta Quest game turns your room into a PVP laser tag arena

Laser Limbo is a mixed reality shooter that lets you fight alone or with a friend in the same location.


Laser Limbo offers multiple game modes. You can play alone or locally with a friend against AI-controlled drones or invite him to a PVP duel in your own home or a larger outdoor area. The projectiles are slow enough to be dodged and require a strategic approach to take down your opponent. In all modes, there are laser traps that must not be crossed, requiring careful and strategic maneuvering in space.

The game comes with a map editor where you must first draw walls and physical obstacles by hand. You can then freely place various game elements (spawn points, virtual walls for cover) in the room, vary them and create your own mixed reality maps.

Laser Limbo was previously only available for VR arcades. This week, a beta version of the mixed reality shooter released on the App Lab. Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro are supported. The game is free while it is in beta.

The full release is planned for Q3 2024 and will offer more game modes and options. To learn more, visit the official website.



Laser Limbo is a rarity

One special feature of Laser Limbo is that it supports local mixed reality multiplayer. I can only think of a handful of quest games that do this, including BAM, Demeo, Puzzling Places, and Spatial Ops.

The difference between the VR Arcade version and the App Lab version is that the latter is optimized for up to two players, while the former requires an operator app and supports up to eight players. You can request access to the VR Arcade version for non-commercial use on the game's Discord server. In the video below, you can see gameplay from the arcade version.

Laser Limbo is the latest project from VR Nerds founders Nico Uthe and Christoph Springer, who previously created Tower Tag and were involved in the development of Lucid Trips.