iPhone app brings Apple Vision Pro like front display to Quest Pro

iPhone app brings Apple Vision Pro like front display to Quest Pro

Not only the Apple Vision Pro shows eyes on the front screen. An iPhone pinned to the Quest Pro will soon have the same effect.

It was one of the "a-ha" moments at the Apple Vision Pro presentation: The front display of Apple's mixed-reality headset will correctly show the wearer's eyes in perspective to bystanders. A software tinkerer wants to achieve a similar effect with an iPhone attached to the front of a Meta Quest Pro.

In the "Adam Quision Pro" concept, the smartphone serves as a front screen that displays the movements of the eye area behind it. These are captured by the Meta Quest Pro's eye and face tracking, which sends the motion data wirelessly via WLAN to the iPhone. The iPhone then renders the correct 3D perspective of the user, corresponding to the line of sight of a spectator.

Quest Pro gets eyes of Apple Vision Pro

Reddit user "West_Palpitation7066" aka Adam is currently working on the necessary apps for the iPhone and Quest Pro. He plans to release the program for testing soon and also release the source code. Before that, however, some fine-tuning is needed, the developer said on Reddit. In a YouTube video, he has already posted first moving impressions that make even more possible than the deliberately simple implementation on the Apple Vision Pro.

While the Apple headset only shows the slightly darkened, animated area around the eyes on the front, the implementation for Quest Pro and the iPhone is way more playful.


Sometimes the eyes of the turquoise Quest Pro avatar appear, sometimes cartoon eyes in the style of the Simpsons, or what appears to be a direct look into the brain with eyeballs floating in front of it. Even small pets can be seen wandering through the virtual space between the VR headset and the iPhone display.

Although the phone covers some of the Quest Pro's cameras, the tracking is still surprisingly good, West_Palpitation7066 says. To use the Quest Pro's passthrough mode between his experiments, he even added a 3D-printed folding mechanism to the VR headset.

The developer invites interested parties to follow him on YouTube. More news will probably be presented there or on Reddit.

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