A sequel to the Stalker-like VR game 'Into the Radius' is in the works

A sequel to the Stalker-like VR game 'Into the Radius' is in the works

The survival game Into The Radius is getting a "second chapter", which is already in development.


This was announced by the Estonian studio CM Games on Steam yesterday.

"The second chapter of Into the Radius is being developed. We are in the pre-production phase, and will follow an Early Access development model like before when the time is right."

The studio is reluctant to reveal any details about the sequel. However, they have hinted that many suggestions and ideas from the community have been taken into account in this new installment.

"The original ITR is a testament to how much our community has helped us in developing the game, and we want to continue this trend in the sequel."


Mod support for PC VR version coming

The first game, originally developed for PC-VR and released for Meta Quest 2 in September 2022, has entered its final development cycle, the studio states. CM Games plans to release two more updates and then end the development, except for necessary bug fixes and tweaks.

The upcoming update 2.7 is expected to refine the story and bring technical improvements, while update 2.8 is expected to bring mod support for the PC VR version. The Quest 2 version may also receive mod support: At least, the studio does not rule out this possibility. More will be revealed later this year.


Paid DLC is not planned because the studio wants to focus on the sequel.

Into The Radius is a big hit

Into the Radius is an open-world game about survival in a blighted zone. You have to avoid physical anomalies, collect valuable artifacts, and engage in realistic combat with other stalkers.


The PC VR gaming community loves the survival game: On Steam, the title has almost 7,000 positive reviews. Into The Radius was also well received on Meta Quest 2. There, it became one of the 50 most rated VR games just half a year after its release. In other words: Into the Radius is a VR superhit and a huge success for CM Games.

My MIXED colleague Jan was also taken with Into the Radius, calling it "a really good survival game for virtual reality" in his playtest.

Let's hope that the first part and the sequel will be released for the Playstation VR 2. The VR game also has a lot to offer visually and would look great on Sony's VR headset.

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