Inside Kristallnacht: Holocaust survivor shares her memories in VR

Inside Kristallnacht: Holocaust survivor shares her memories in VR

An important and moving VR project commemorating Kristallnacht offers an immersive look at history.

To commemorate the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a unique Virtual Reality project will be released in 2024 that will immerse users in the events of that fateful night in the Holocaust. The VR experience is being created by the Claims Conference (CC), the USC Shoah Foundation, and MakeMePulse in partnership with Meta, UNESCO, and the World Jewish Congress.

Interactive Contemporary History

“Inside Kristallnacht” aims to convey the significance of Kristallnacht in the early stages of the Holocaust, educate people about the scope of the era, and raise awareness of the Holocaust. Contemporary witness Dr. Charlotte Knobloch uses VR to guide you through interactive reconstructions of destroyed synagogues, provides access to authentic archival material, and describes her personal experiences.

“Inside Kristallnacht” will be made available online, in museums and educational institutions. The experience will be available via VR headsets, internet browsers and mobile devices to enable broad educational use.


Dr. Knobloch emphasizes the urgency of the project at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide: “If we do not continue to keep the memory of the past alive and push the lessons of the Holocaust, they will soon be forgotten, and we will be doomed to repeat our history. As those of us who survived pass on, these tools, this technology will continue to be our voice and our testimony.”

A similar project was realized by StoryFile in the summer. In the VR experience “Tell Me, Inge”, you can interact with Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher and see 3D animations and historical archive material.

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