In Kill it With Fire VR you shoot house spiders with bazookas

In Kill it With Fire VR you shoot house spiders with bazookas

Whether bazooka or flamethrower, in the game Kill it With Fire VR, nothing is too big to go hunting for house spiders with.

As of, April 13, 2023, passionate arachnophobes can live out their hatred of spiders in VR. In Kill it With Fire VR for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro, SteamVR, Playstation VR, and Playstation VR 2, completely exaggerated weapons rid a home of eight-legged freaks.

As small as the creepy-crawly creatures may be, in this VR game you hunt them down by any means necessary. These include shotguns, assault rifles, throwing stars, and even flamethrowers. The latter is not only deadly for spiders. Thanks to a fire simulation, they also cause damage to the environment.

Martial spider hunting in VR

The physics also create chaos and disorder in other ways as well. For example, fragile spider hiding places like flowerpots can be smashed with a frying pan. The arsenal ranges from smaller everyday objects like clipboards to massive explosive devices. The search for eight spider species leads through a neighborhood full of surprises.

To ensure that the action doesn't get too monotonous, the developers included puzzles and upgrades for various "spider hunting skills". There are several dozen optional objectives, hidden upgrades, and branching points in the story that can lead to an alternate ending.


The price is around $15. However, owners of the original Quest cannot become exterminators. Kill it With Fire VR only runs on the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro from Meta.

The original game for 2D platforms has been available since 2020. It has already received over 2,000 "extremely positive" reviews on Steam. The developers Casey Donnellan Games and Charm Games describe their work as random chaos and destruction. The gameplay will likely take cues from similarly self-deprecating riot adventures like Goat Simulator 3, or Octodad.

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