Immersive VR experience takes you on a thrilling journey to the ISS

Space Explorers: The Infinite, an enhanced VR experience that takes visitors on a simulated trip to the International Space Station (ISS), is currently located at Sawyer Yards in Houston. It made its U.S. debut in Houston in 2021 and has now returned with new features. The experience begins in a waiting room and then transitions into a VR environment where visitors can roam and interact with elements. It layers different levels of VR, from animated environments to ultra-realistic 360-degree 3D views of the ISS interior filmed by astronauts. NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, who was on the ISS and featured in the experience, attended the relaunch event. The VR journey includes walking through the ISS, activating orbs to view vignettes of astronaut life, and observing Earth from outside the station. After the VR portion, visitors can explore multimedia artwork and a gallery focused on the Artemis I launch.

Sources: Papercitymag