Immersed Visor gains more Apple Vision Pro features

Immersed Visor gains more Apple Vision Pro features

August 10, 2023: Immersed founder Renji Bijoy told us gaze input will be tested on the Meta Quest Pro and could be added to the Visor if it proves to be useful.

Immersed just announced the Visor will have eye and hand-tracking capabilities and discussed how it will fund the move into hardware.

When Immersed teased its Visor VR headset a little over a week ago, we caught a glimpse of the stylish, glasses-like design and a rumor that it would have 4K resolution per eye.

The buzz must have been sufficient enough to inspire Immersed to share more details the next day. While the Visor requires a VR-ready PC connection, the device, which Immersed claims will be 25% lighter than your phone, sounds like what we were expecting to come from Apple.

Immersed Visor's new details

We already know Immersed plans to give the Visor high-definition color passthrough and 4K-per-eye, micro-OLED displays with a 100-degree FOV. That sounds similar to the display quality of the Apple Vision Pro.

Immersed just announced on X that the Visor will have eye and hand-tracking hardware capabilities also. The software could use eye-tracking data for input, as Apple does with its Vision Pro. The Immersed app doesn't yet support eye-tracking for the Meta Quest Pro, but that feature will be tested soon.

We've only seen renders so far, and some of the hardware and software details may change as manufacturing and development progress.


Funding hardware design

Immersed has an impressive development team, and it is partnering with Intel, Qualcomm, and "an undisclosed AR/VR tech giant" to create the Visor. However, hardware manufacturing is quite different from software development, and the company realizes it needs additional funding.

Immersed also announced that it's going public. That influx of capital could bring sufficient funds to move forward with the hardware design and manufacturing that's needed soon to stick to the timeline of launching the Immersed Visor PC VR headset in 2024.


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