VR desktop maker, ImmersedVR, is launching an XR headset

VR desktop maker, ImmersedVR, is launching an XR headset

Immersed is making a work-centric XR headset with an ultra-sharp resolution of 4K-per-eye and micro-OLED display technology.

Immersed is a high-quality VR app that connects standalone VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, HTC Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4 to desktop computers. News recently broke that the company is working on a headset of its own.

Immersed isn't the first VR app developer to get into hardware design. Bigscreen VR, the developer of the popular Quest video streaming app of the same name, made its own VR headset, the Bigscreen Beyond.

Briefly revealed on an Immersed website, visor.com, several details appeared about this new XR headset. The website currently shows only a login prompt, suggesting the information previously seen by a lucky few was probably an accidental leak. The details shared by Brad Lynch are quite intriguing.

Immersed Visor leaks

Brad Lynch posted several screenshots captured from the Visor website before it was locked down. He shared specifications as well.

According to the information Lynch received, the Visor will be a headset with AR and VR capabilities, enabled by a surprisingly large 100-degree FOV. Based on the appearance, the Immersed Visor could be remarkably slim, almost like AR glasses.

The HTC Vive XR Elite has a glasses mode with similar earpieces. The Visor, however, could boast a crisp 4K-per eye resolution supported by micro-OLED displays.

Apple's Vision Pro, Bigscreen Beyond, and Sony's Playstation VR2 use similar display technology, but only Apple matches such a high resolution. Immersed will reportedly custom fit the Visor for each customer, just like Bigscreen and Apple.

Lynch went on to share a release date of 2024, while warning that the Visor might not work for gaming. Reportedly, it only runs with the Immersed app, yet includes 6DoF tracking and can be used wirelessly or with a tether.

As an unintended leak of information captured from an incomplete website, the specific details aren't verified. We've reached out to Immersed for confirmation.

Immersed Visor confirmed?

ImmersedVR's founder Renji Bijoy retweeted Thrill's post, seemingly confirming the look, suggesting the 4K-per eye resolution, and a custom fit headset interface is accurate. We'll share additional details as soon as we know more.

In the meantime, it looks like the XR space is heating up with yet another company jumping into the mix. With Meta and HTC crossing the $1,000 price barrier, and Apple blasting a hole in the ceiling with its $3,500 Vision Pro, there's plenty of room for new XR headsets to enter the market. It will be interesting to learn more about what Immersed has in mind with its Visor XR headset.

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