Huge mod collection improves Fallout 4 VR performance

Huge mod collection improves Fallout 4 VR performance

For three years, "GingasVR" worked on patching Fallout 4 VR. Their mod list and tutorial promises a smooth VR role-playing game.

Fallout 4 VR from 2017 is not a prime example of a VR implementation. The balance of SteamVR user reviews even dropped to "mostly negative" recently due to the VR game's numerous problems with handling and technology.

A long, automatically installable mod list by VR streamer and YouTuber "GingasVR" should now remedy the situation. "Fallout VR Essentials Overhaul"  contains their own mods and numerous copies from other developers. The installation changes many control subtleties. In addition, better technical performance supposedly provides a much smoother virtual reality experience.

VR mod for Fallout 4 VR

"Fallout VR is a direct port from Bethesda, they were ones that added motion controls. It was the first open world vr game made though.. and has typical Bethesda jank. There’s no body, no 2 handed weapons, no scopes, and the performance is terrible on vanilla fallout vr. This mod fixes that," the developer said on Reddit.

Fixes reportedly include improved two-handed weapon control including a usable scope, adjusted mapping for the index controllers, and gameplay optimizations.

Before Fallout fans enjoy all these advantages, there is some work to be done. The mods require the original games Fallout 4 VR and Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition.

A paid premium membership to the Nexus Mods portal (about $7 per month) is not mandatory, but highly recommended. It allows you to install the long list of mods automatically instead of individually - and  supports the modders active on the platform.


Some of the included copies are not even represented on Nexus Mods. The installer's programming interface "Wabbajack" is used to ensure that all mods install properly. If you don't want anything to go wrong during the procedure, watch and follow the detailed tutorial above on Youtube.

Eclipse in the VR game

The video also explains how to configure everything properly after the installation and how to deal with special features like the pitch-black bunker.

"By default Bethesda put an ungodly amount of stupid light sources in there, which tanks performance even on a 4090. So we just yeeted them" GingasVR, which goes by"ActualOstrich4" on Reddit, explains. So, now you need a flashlight activated by holding down the left trackpad on the Index controller.

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