Horizon Worlds Update: Take Control of Your Social VR Experience

Horizon Worlds Update: Take Control of Your Social VR Experience

Meta's social app Horizon Worlds gets automatic recommendations for editor assets and more control over offensive words in "world chat".

The social VR app Horizon Worlds for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro has received some new features. Update v118 brings more control over censored words in "world chat".

This text chat, which was introduced in June, joined voice chat as another way to easily communicate, connect, or start parties on the same server. What's new is that users have more control over which profanity they want to see and which they don't.

More options for profanity in Horizon Worlds

The "World Chat Filter," which is automatically activated at the start, provides information about filtered out phrases that may be disturbing or offensive. After the update, players decide for themselves which terms and phrases they prefer to hide in the chat windows - or learn entirely new ones.

"Parents can also see, change, and lock their teen’s world chat filter setting in parental supervision," the Meta Quest blog explains, "to set up parental supervision, visit the Family Center for Meta Horizon Worlds."


Other new features in the v118 update include asset recommendations based on the users' previous tinkering in the editor.

Another feature will apparently be unlocked after the update is rolled out. Soon it will be possible to add a self-created image to the Worlds profile. It will then sync with the personal Meta Horizon profile.

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