Horizon Worlds and Xtadium bring the UFC to Meta Quest

Horizon Worlds and Xtadium bring the UFC to Meta Quest

Since last year, the UFC is also available for Meta Quest. More broadcasts and a UFC world in Horizon Worlds are planned for the future.

In October 2022, the UFC and Meta launched a partnership to bring the organization's MMA fights to virtual reality. The app Xtadium is now offering a growing number of VR livestreams and recordings for UFC Fight Pass subscribers. Meta already lists eight upcoming events through December, including the the "LFA 165" match between Daniel Compton and Renato Valente on August 18.

Starting in November 2023, the UFC will also be a permanent part of Horizon Worlds, since certain fights will also be broadcast in Meta's proto-metaverse. After some successful test events, regular VR streams are planned for the social app in the future.

UFC in VR via Meta Quest

"The schedule of live MMA events available in Xtadium through UFC Fight Pass is growing", says Craig Borsari, Chief Content Officer and Executive Producer at UFC, "and we’ll be helping to build out a dedicated UFC world in Meta Horizon Worlds that will offer the greatest fights in UFC history in a 4K 180-degree environment."

The fights will be broadcast live and available for replay for a limited time. The shows will be prepared for VR broadcasting by the production company YBVR.


In Horizon Worlds, users will have the advantage of watching and interacting with other fans. In addition, a variety of single and multiplayer games await them in the world. They can fight their way to the top in their own UFC Hall of Fame and win exclusive rewards. Meta has not yet revealed what the games will look like in detail.

In the Xtream app, subscribers will also have access to a library of "UFC Pay Per View Cards" and content such as "Fightlore" and "Year of the Fighter".

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