RTS classic "Homeworld" is getting a standalone VR game on Meta Quest

RTS classic

Homeworld: Vast Reaches is a 3D real-time strategy game designed for virtual reality. It is coming soon to Meta Quest.


Gearbox Entertainment and Farbridge announce Home World: Vast Reaches for Meta Quest 2 and 3.

The VR game will be a standalone entry in the Homeworld saga, with a new storyline that reimagines strategic space combat for VR and MR. Players will be able to view the action from any angle and drag and drop their ships into formations for battle. The 3D space battles can be experienced at room size or scaled down to fit on a table instantly.

"We've taken care to make a new experience that both Homeworld and strategy game fans will enjoy," said Richard Rouse III, Studio Creative Director at FarBridge. "It's been an honor to take the amazing space battles and unique characters of Homeworld and let people play in an entirely new way with virtual and mixed reality."

You can now add Homeworld: Vast Reaches to your wishlist on the Quest Store.


A classic gets a VR makeover

The Homeworld series dates back to the cult 1999 game of the same name, which was named Game of the Year by many publications. Homeworld 2 followed in 2003.

In 2013, Gearbox Entertainment bought the rights to the IP and released the Homeworld Remastered Collection in 2015. A prequel, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak followed in 2016. On May 13, Homeworld 3 will be released for PC, taking place 100 years after the events of Homeworld 2.


Homeworld: Vast Reaches is being developed by UK studio Farbridge, which has released more than a dozen games and worked on Walkabout Mini Golf in the VR space.


Homeworld: Vast Reaches fills a gap

Real-time strategy games are in short supply in VR, so Homeworld: VR is very welcome. The quality of the game will depend on how well the classic mouse and keyboard game has been adapted for VR.

VR RTS alternatives for Meta Quest with a space theme are Eternal Starlight, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, and Gods of Gravity.