Hideo Kojima has ceased work on his VR game

Hideo Kojima has ceased work on his VR game

After years of hints and rumors, legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has confirmed that he is no longer working on a VR game.

In recent years, there have been repeated rumors about a virtual reality game by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. In January 2022, the Twitter site OopsLeaks said that his studio Kojima Productions had received developer kits for Playstation VR 2 in November 2021 and was working on a "smaller project".

This could be a VR game or VR experience. VR storyteller Céline Tricart was also involved in the project, according to OopsLeaks. Kojima revealed to Tokyo radio station J-Wave about a year ago that his challenging little indie game was a project that "plays differently than anything before."

No VR game from Hideo Kojima

In a recent interview with the Japanese Pocket Shonenmagazine, hopes for a VR game by Hideo Kojima in the near future were destroyed. In the conversation with manga author Ryosuke Fuji, the topic of virtual reality also came up.

"Actually, I once tried to make an innovative game in VR, but that project was also interrupted. But I think there is technological potential for VR. Technology is advancing rapidly, and there are more things that can be done, not just in VR, so I think it will be possible to make many more kinds of games in the future."

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Unfortunately, the star developer did not reveal any further information about his cancelled project. In the past few years, Kojima has repeatedly expressed how open-minded he is towards VR technology and its potential to transcend traditional screens.

Kojima struggles with VR nausea

Kojima's relationship with VR seems complex, especially in terms of simulation sickness. He reveals his experience with virtual reality to Pocket Shonenmagazine, saying that he tried it but got motion sickness.

His interviewee Ryosuke Fuji also has a special relationship with VR. His manga adaptation of "Shangri-La Frontier" in Shonen magazine is set in the near future, when flat screens are seen only as outdated retro technology. Immersive VR games are ubiquitous in this world.

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