Hellsweeper VR: Visual overhaul for PSVR 2 "close to the finish line"

Hellsweeper VR: Visual overhaul for PSVR 2

Hellsweeper VR is about to get better graphics on PSVR 2 and Quest, promises studio Mixed Realms.


Hellsweeper was released in September 2023 for Meta Quest, Playstation VR 2 and SteamVR. At launch, the PSVR 2 version was heavily criticized for its graphics and low resolution. The studio vowed to do better, and in a post on Steam, Mixed Realms writes that they are "close to the finish line" and that "PSVR 2 will be granted a big overhaul very soon".

"For PSVR2, as mentioned before, our team has been hard at work shifting our Unity render pipeline from Standard to Universal since launch. This is to enable us to make use of Foveated Rendering to improve overall performance and visuals."

The other versions of the game (Quest 2, Quest 3, SteamVR) will also receive visual improvements. The studio published two comparison images: one for Meta Quest, which shows improved lighting, and one for PC VR, which shows more detailed environments. According to a sneak peek video (see below), a graphics update specifically for Quest 3 is also in the works.

Comparison screenshots for the Quest 3 update.

Better lighting on Quest headsets. Click on the image to see it in full resolution. | Image: Mixed Realms

The Steam post also highlights the new content coming in the next update, which will include a new weapon (Magician's Staff), a new enemy (Wrath), and upgraded bosses.


Hellsweeper VR was developed by the same studio that created Sairento, and like that game, Hellsweeper VR makes heavy use of artificial locomotion including jumps and somersaults.

The game has received two major patches and one content update since its release. The latter unlocked co-op for acts 2 and 3 as well as the Roulette and Tribute missions, added a new boss, new weapons, a blacksmith who can upgrade your weapons, and an endless mode.


Hellsweeper VR is available for $30 from the Quest Store, Playstation Store and Steam.

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