Half-Life:Alyx - Valve-like story mod "Levitation" coming soon

Half-Life:Alyx - Valve-like story mod

Update from November 24, 2022:

Shawn Snelling aka "FMPONE" has announced on Twitter that the sophisticated mod "Levitation" for Half-Life: Alyx will be released on Friday, November 25. Owners of the main game will then be able to access the mod for free in the Steam Workshop. The game takes about three to four hours to play.

The following trailer shows seven minutes of uninterrupted gameplay and an impressive new location. The clip comes from one chapter among several.

Article dated April 4, 2022:

Levitation is a polished mod for Half-Life: Alyx that continues the story of the resistance fighter. The first trailer is impressive.

There are already one or two PC VR mods for Half-Life: Alyx that leave you in awe. Probably the most famous project is Bioshock: Return to Rapture, which reinterprets the classic for the Source 2 engine. Nine developers are working on the mod, the second part of which alone takes 15 hours to complete.


Levitation has a different direction: the mod stays true to the Half-Life universe and continues the story about Alyx and humanity's fight against the Combine in an entirely new story campaign.

A bombshell trailer

Players slip into the role of the resistance fighter who is on the trail of two missing rebels named Maya and Barry. They have discovered a secret Combine research project in Sector X, which is housed in an ominous floating building.

The first trailer shows that Levitation is more than a mod cobbled together from existing Alyx content. Here you can admire never-before-seen weapon models, effects, facial animations and dialogs, as well as brand new environments and 3D objects. Especially impressive: a giant bucket-wheel excavator in a (hopefully!) open environment. There were too few open areas in the original game.

Four to five hours of fresh single player entertainment

Levitation is a collaboration between Shawn Snelling aka FMPONE and Corey Laddo. Snelling is a talented level designer and artist who created famous maps for Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Laddo is a filmmaker and 3D animator who prefers to work with the Source engine.

The mod requires Half-Life: Alyx and is scheduled to be released for free in the Steam Workshop in the third quarter of 2022. By then, at the latest, it will be time to dust off Valve's masterpiece. The creators promise a new adventure that will take you back to City 17 for four to five hours.

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