Half-Life: Alyx - Incursion mod brings tricky mini campaign

Half-Life: Alyx - Incursion mod brings tricky mini campaign

The mod "Incursion" adds a one-hour campaign with challenging battles to the VR classic Half-Life: Alyx.

There are too few VR games of the caliber of Half-Life: Alyx. That's apparently the view of a small group of modders called Polygrove. Their Alyx expansion, titled Half-Life: Incursion, focuses on an important aspect of the shooter: the gritty gunfights against the alien Combine occupants.

Those interested can download the mod for free from the Steam Workshop. If you want more after finishing the main game, you can get additional action with a high difficulty level with Incursion.

Incursion: Action mod for Half-Life: Alyx

The story puts heroine Alyx Vance in a predicament. The Combine have pinned her down at a checkpoint. On the run to City 17, she once again gets support from the lovably eccentric nerd Russell, who assists her over the radio.

During the hour-long escape, you move in any order to various targets, gradually upgrading weapons as you go. Waves of enemies also surprise you from different directions in each run and put you under pressure.

Resin, which is important for weapon upgrades, and ammunition, which is deliberately kept scarce, also appear in changing locations. Mines are supposed to bring more tactics into the game during the onslaught of enemies.


The developers of the mod felt a bit underwhelmed by the Alyx campaign. In the description, they therefore warn newcomers against starting Incursion on the highest difficulty level and advise a lower difficulty level for the first run-through.

The majority of Incursion players praise the focus on a motivating challenge in their comments. Click here to visit the workshop page for Half-Life: Incursion, which is being developed by the Polygrove and Marnamai groups.

One-hour campaign expands Valve's VR classic

If you're more in the mood for story, you might like the two-part mod Return to Rapture better. This Steam Workshop modification for Half-Life: Alyx is a new game in the Bioshock universe, based on Valve's Source Engine 2 and using textures, 3D models and other resources from Half-Life: Alyx. Return to Rapture thus offers influences from both games and universes.

Levitation is likely to be a particularly elaborate mod for Half-Life: Alyx: It stays true to the Half-Life universe and continues the story around Alyx and humanity's fight against the Combine in a completely new story campaign. The creators Shawn Snelling (FMPONE) and Corey Laddo promise never-before-seen weapon models, effects and environments. Learn more from the Steam Workshop page.

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