Half-Life 2 VR: Mod adds teleportation & more

Half-Life 2 VR: Mod adds teleportation & more

Half-Life 2 VR is already an excellent mod, and now it's getting even more improvements.

The already excellent and free PC VR mod for Half-Life 2 is now even more comfortable. The Source VR mod team announced on Steam that Valve's classic shooter now offers teleportation in virtual reality. The February update brought the optional locomotion method into the game, which was challenging to implement.

The original PC title is from 2004 and is not a VR game. Accordingly, there are many places in the level design that shouldn't actually be accessible. When updating the mod with teleportation, the developers had to decide precisely where players could place the target cursor so they wouldn't end up outside the map.

Teleport for Half-Life 2 VR

Some game elements had to be heavily modified to avoid being influenced too much by the new optional locomotion. According to the developers, the result is "by no means perfect" and should be considered experimental for now.

A look at the added teleport cursor in front of crates at the port.

For height differences, teleport users aim a little higher or lower. | Image: Valve / Source VR Mod Team

In the options, you can choose to replace both jump and movement with teleportation or retain the original movement with the stick and only replace jump with teleportation.

To get to different levels, aim a little higher or lower. To crawl through narrow passages, you still press the corresponding button or physically crouch. More subtleties are explained in the Steam update, which also covers movement underwater.


More comfort when swimming

Swimming has also become more comfortable with the latest update to Half-Life 2 VR: Mod and automatic head movement in the water no longer occurs. While protagonist Gordon Freeman used to leave the water automatically, the process should now feel more comfortable and happens at the push of a button.

Other new features include more natural vehicle controls and a first-person perspective. The camera movement is now independent of the direction of travel. Visual subtleties such as the fog display have also been improved. Click here for the article with all the latest changes on Steam.

The Half-Life 2 VR: Mod is currently still in beta, yet it has already collected 3,700 positive reviews. In our opinion, Half-Life 2 is better in VR, and this is an important mod.

The mod does not come from the game developer Valve, but from the independent developer known as Source VR Mod Team.

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