Major update expands "VR's Halo" Guardians Frontline

Major update expands

The Vehicles & Tech update brings new content to Guardians Frontline. The map editor and matchmaking have also been improved.

Publisher Fast Travel Games is releasing a new update for the mix of real-time strategy and first-person-action, Guardians Frontline. The extensive expansion brings new weapons, vehicles, units and more options for the map editor to the VR game.

Free update brings numerous new features

The “Vehicles & Tech Update” will be available for free for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR from May 17th. According to the developers, the expansion will overhaul the way players manage units and maneuver on the battlefield.

The following innovations are supposed to ensure this:


  • New weapons: The Medic Gun is supposed to simultaneously drain life energy from enemies and heal your own units.
  • New vehicles: A hoverbike and a two-seater tank are new to the game.
  • Support: Explosive arrows, teleport arrows, piercing bullets, repair drones, and smart triggers can now be unlocked through the tech tree.
  • Lava Biome: A new biome described as rough and rocky terrain.
  • New Avatars: Five new female Guardian avatars and the new “Red Guardian”.
  • More tools for the Map Editor: New assets for the bug lairs, auto-enable headlights for dark maps, and a new box selection tool that should allow for seamless item integration are added.
  • Improved matchmaking in multiplayer: A special friends list ensures shorter waiting times, and the new “Last Played” list shows all the players you have already played with.

Guardians Frontline is available for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR and costs just under 25 US-Dollars. In our test, the mixture of Halo and Starcraft convinced with exciting perspective changes and challenging battles in virtual reality.

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