Oculus.com is now a thing of the past

Oculus.com is now a thing of the past

The meta rebranding continues. The Oculus.com website now refers to the new Meta Store.

Yesterday, Meta announced the opening of the first Meta Store: a store where visitors can try out Meta hardware.

Coinciding with this announcement, Meta's new online store has opened, gathering all of the company's hardware products: the Meta Portal video chat devices, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, and the Ray-Ban Stories camera glasses. Curiously, the URL is store.facebook.com - which should be corrected soon.

Anyone heading to Oculus.com will now be redirected to the Quest section of the new online store, from which the Oculus brand name has completely disappeared. In the Meta Store you can still set the country of delivery and the language, including German. Quest 2 is still not available in the German shop.

The Oculus Store could stay

This does not mean that the URL change is complete. There is still the Oculus Blog, the Oculus Developer Blog and the Oculus Store for apps. All of these places use an Oculus URL. Meta may keep an URL or two as we want software and developer tools to remain associated with the old brand.


Meta announced the rebranding last October at its Connect conference. Facebook's name change to Meta was intended to turn Oculus Quest into Meta Quest. "I want everyone who buys a headset from us to know it's made by Meta. They need to know who they're dealing with," Meta's new chief technology officer Andrew Bosworth recently reiterated.

From Oculus to Meta: a rapid transformation

Meta has been driving the transition at a rapid pace ever since. At the end of 2021, the VR headset received a new logo with the Meta logo, at the beginning of 2022 the official Twitter handle changed from @Oculus to @MetaQuestVR and more recently users are greeted by a Meta logo instead of an Oculus logo when they start up their VR headset.

Most recently, Meta customized the product's packaging and engravings. Oculus' "meta-morphosis" is thus almost complete. Only the smartphone app still needs to be renamed from Oculus to Meta Quest. But that should be an easy task.