German theater turns Schönberg's opera "Erwartung" into a VR game

German theater turns Schönberg's opera

Experience Arnold Schönberg's opera "Erwartung" in a VR production by the Staatstheater Augsburg — now on Steam for PC-VR.


The mono-opera "Erwartung" by Arnold Schönberg has been transformed into a VR game by the Staatstheater Augsburg. The technical component was realized by Heimspiel GmbH, which has already realized other works in VR in the past. The opera has been available for PC VR via Steam for $9.99 since February 19, 2024.

In this one-act work of art, you take on the role of a woman wandering through a dark forest in search of her lover. Accompanied by Schönberg's expressive music, you reflect on your love, fears, and expectations. The emotions and thoughts are intensified by the composer's powerful musical language. In the end, an unexpected and tragic revelation awaits you.


The Staatstheater Augsburg has been using VR for some time

Over the past few years, Staatstheater Augsburg has been exploring Virtual Reality in their productions. They've created and published several VR theater pieces, such as the interactive "Solo" and the VR ballet "Kinesphere". They also offered "Wittgenstein's Mistress" as a VR experience, giving audiences a unique and intimate theatrical experience at home.

During the pandemic, the theater expanded its digital offerings. They mailed pre-built VR headsets with selected plays, allowing audiences to enjoy theater right in their own homes. While there's still room for technical improvement, Staatstheater Augsburg has shown that theater and Virtual Reality are exciting prospects for the future of the industry.


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