Sci-fi adventure Genotype now runs at 120 fps on PSVR 2

Sci-fi adventure Genotype now runs at 120 fps on PSVR 2

Genotype accidentally launched too early on the Playstation VR 2. The Day 1 patch released yesterday improves frame rate and resolution.


Genotype is a narrative sci-fi adventure and metroidvania with shooter elements.

You take on the role of Evely, a weather station intern who accidentally discovers a laboratory in Antarctica that has been overrun by monsters. In the VR game, you use special gloves to "print" creatures that serve as weapons.

Although the official PSVR 2 release date was April 4, the VR game was accidentally released on March 23, two weeks early.

The planned "Day 1" patch was released over the weekend, bringing the following improvements, among others

  • Genotype now runs at 120fps
  • The VR game now supports FSR rendering with 50 percent higher resolution in the center of the screen.
  • Added headset haptics and improved controller haptics

There are also several bug fixes.


You can purchase Genotype for $28 in the Playstation Store.


Genotype is being developed by the six-person VR studio Bolverk Games, which previously created VR games such as Dick Wilde and Glyph VR.

The VR game was released on October 12, 2023 for Meta Quest and has since received six updates. Genotype is also available for SteamVR and Pico.

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