At GDC 2023, Meta promises a "peek into the future of VR technology"

At GDC 2023, Meta promises a

At GDC, Meta will talk about the future of Meta Quest. The focus will be on Mixed Reality, foreshadowing Meta Quest 3.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) takes place from March 20th to 24th in San Francisco. Meta will be there to promote Meta Quest with demo rooms and speaker sessions.

According to an announcement on the developer blog, Meta will share "new perspectives on VR and MR." The focus will be on breakthroughs in MR technology, insights into the Meta Quest ecosystem, and the latest opportunities for developers.

Meta will share new ecosystem milestones

In the demo rooms, Meta will show best-in-class VR and MR experiences on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

In addition, there will be 4 speaker sessions:


  • In the first session, developers will hear from Meta's recently acquired VR studio Camouflaj, how it successfully ported Iron Man VR from Playstation VR to Meta Quest 2.
  • In the second session, Director of Content Ecosystem Chris Pruett will provide an update on the Quest ecosystem, "including both business milestones and a peek into the future of VR technology". A year ago, Meta announced that consumers had spent $1 billion on content from the Meta Quest Store.
  • The third speaker session revolves around mixed reality game development and the lessons developers have learned.
  • The fourth and final session is about Meta Quest's Presence Platform capabilities, including hand tracking, passthrough, and various APIs like Spatial Anchors.

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is coming up

The GDC will be followed by the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase in April.

According to a recent leak, Meta has 41 new apps and games up its sleeve for Meta Quest 3, which will likely include titles from Meta's VR studios. Hopefully, there will be a preview of some of these upcoming VR games. The last showcase disappointed and left a gaming year with few highlights.

Meta's CTO Andrew Bosworth confirmed at the end of 2022 that a successor to Meta Quest 2 will be released this year and said that Quest fans will love the next Gaming Showcase.

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Sources: Oculus Developer Blog