This Quest game offers graphics options and hopefully this will become a trend

This Quest game offers graphics options and hopefully this will become a trend

The VR game Floor Plan is remastered for Meta Quest and comes with graphics profiles that let you choose between quality and clarity.

The early adventure classic Floor Plan from 2016 will be released next week in a "Remastered Edition" for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro.

It takes place entirely inside an elevator, with different rooms, characters, items, and puzzles on each floor. The game takes about an hour to complete, which is reflected in the price of the VR game.

The sequel, Floor Plan 2, is much longer with six hours of gameplay, was released for Meta Quest in 2021, and received a massive content update including performance improvements a few months ago. A Quest 3 upgrade for the VR game is also in the works. It will improve resolution, frame rate, and texture quality.

Choose between real-time shadows or higher resolution

The first part, which will be released next week, improves the models, textures, and lighting of the original, and brings new comfort settings and improved controls.

Most interesting to me is that Floor Plan lets you choose between two graphics profiles, a feature I don't know of in any other Quest game. But maybe you know one?


Players will be able to choose between two settings, Quality and Clarity. The first setting comes with real-time shadows, while the second offers a higher refresh rate and resolution instead of realistic shadows. The VR game has been optimized for Quest and Quest 3, and you can see the differences in the chart below.

Table showing details of the graphics profiles for Quest 2 and Quest 3.

The graphics profiles that Floor Plan offers on Quest 2 and Quest 3. | Image: Turbo Button

Graphics settings are commonplace in PC games and have partially made their way into the console world. Are standalone VR headsets the next gaming platform where you can choose between graphics and performance? That would be desirable because the frame rate in virtual reality has an even greater impact on the gaming experience than it does in flat games.

Floor Plan Remastered will be released on October 26th on the Meta Quest Store and will cost $6.