Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: VR mode unclear, MFS 2020 with further updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: VR mode unclear, MFS 2020 with further updates

Microsoft keeps quiet about a VR mode for Flight Simulator 2024. The VR-capable predecessor should be supported for a longer time.

Since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, developer studio Asobo has remained silent about possible VR support. Microsoft refused to answer whether a later VR update would follow, as was the case with its predecessor in 2020.

Friends of the current flight sim with VR support probably don't have to worry about it being discontinued in the near future. In the recently published roadmap, Asobo has, among other things, plans for the release of historical "Local Legend" aircraft every month until October.

Flight Simulator 2020 receives further world upgrades

The postponed major World Update 15 in October could be another highlight. Speculations point to Brazil or the African continent. At the end of June, team leader Jörg Neumann confirmed in an interview with MFSAddons magazine that the studio intends to improve the current version of the simulator even after the announcement of the new edition.

The development roadmap to Microsoft Flight Simulator until October 2023.

The current development roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator plans ahead until October 2023. | Image: Microsoft

The world updates from Flight Simulator 2024 could not be easily transferred to the current sim because the ground textures work differently. However, new cities from photogrammetric data will also be part of the MFS 2020 updates. The successor will stream more from the cloud. The many add-ons created with AI support won't inflate the file size unnecessarily this time, Neumann says.

Flight Simulator 2024: Focus on Cloud and AI

Flight Simulator 2024 also brings some gameplay changes that may appeal to those who are not into simulations. The multifaceted career includes challenges and activities reminiscent of the arcade-heavy tasks of Ultrawings 2 or the N64 classic Pilotwings.


These include daring races, parachute jumps, balloon flights, and helicopter rescue missions. The latter even uses winches in rocky terrain. Firefighting and transport missions are also featured in the trailer. The Asobo engine is said to have evolved significantly from its predecessor. The sim uses advanced technologies in simulation, cloud and machine learning, Microsoft said.

There is no hint of Virtual Reality - which unfortunately fits in with Microsoft's strategy, saying that VR is too small for the market, at least for Xbox. It is quite possible that Microsoft is now secretly dropping the flight simulation for PC VR. That would be a real shame because simulation is one of the great strengths of VR.

Flight Simulator 2024 will be released next year for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass.

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