PSVR 2 shooter Firewall Ultra also has a PVE mode - here's how it works

PSVR 2 shooter Firewall Ultra also has a PVE mode - here's how it works

Next week will see the release of the highly anticipated tactical shooter Firewall Ultra. Now the studio has revealed the Co-op PVE mode.

Developed exclusively for Playstation VR 2, Firewall Ultra is one of the biggest and most important PSVR 2 releases of the year. Expectations are high.

The PVP mode, called Contracts, pits two teams of four against each other to hack or protect a laptop (for more details on the Contracts gameplay, check out our previews summary).

In addition to PVP, there will also be a PVE mode called Exfil (short for Exfiltration). Here you can fight with up to three friends against AI opponents. Now, the developers have revealed details of the PVR mode on the Playstation Blog.

How the Exfil mode works

Battles take place on the same maps as in PVP mode, but in PVE mode you must secure three laptops instead of one.

First, you hack one of the two available access points to find out where the laptops are. Then you plan your attack. Whether you stay together or split up, sneak in or storm the rooms with guns blazing, the approach is up to you.

At the beginning of a mission, the AI enemies don't know your position and they are busy patrolling the map. Only when you start hacking or opening fire will they be alerted. Reinforcements will then dynamically approach your position from various locations on the map, according to the Playstation Blog.


Firewall Ultra is advertised as a live service title

The AI enemies also have a variety of gadgets at their disposal and can throw grenades, use C4 explosives, set traps, and kick down doors just like their human counterparts. The AI bots are also able to take cover, perform flanking maneuvers, and react to your actions, First Contact Entertainment promises.

After hacking all three laptops, you'll need to get to the extraction zone and hide until the evacuation is complete. Those who survive the coming fierce attacks will be rewarded with the in-game currency Crypto.

Touted as a live service title, Firewall Ultra is expected to receive new content on a regular basis in the form of maps, weapons, and contractors.

Firewall Ultra will be released on August 24, 2023, exclusively for PSVR 2. There will be a Standard ($39.99) and a Digital Deluxe Edition ($59.99).

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